Who is CalmConnect For?

Who is CalmConnect for?


The people using CalmConnect range in age from three to one hundred and three, with varying challenges to their nervous system; anxiety/depression, autism, PTSD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, social isolation, etc.


CalmConnect is a non-pharmaceutical behavior health program that uses a patented social engagement system to provide significant positive outcomes for all ages. It works in the home, classroom, clinical settings, assisted living/care facilities and hospitals, in individual and in group settings.

“Because of CalmConnect, I can often reduce or even eliminate the use of medications in patients with anxiety and depression.”

Dr. Timothy P. Culbert, MD, FAAP

Medical Director, PrairieCare


“One patient was hit in the head with shrapnel in Afghanistan in 2004 and has a history of PTSD/anxiety causing severe insomnia. Since using CalmConnect he is able to get to sleep faster and get better sleep.  He told me that this has been the greatest help with his sleep far and above any drugs or meditation.”

Kelly Hermann

OTR, US Naval Hospital Rota, Spain


 “Tiernan went from three meltdowns a day requiring physical restraint to none because of CalmConnect!” 

Dana Hopkins, Parent of adolescent son with autism