CalmConnect in the Workplace

The workplace is not the same one we left before the pandemic. People are returning to the office, continuing to work remotely, and experimenting with hybrid models as families juggle work, school, and childcare, struggling with ever increasing demands on their time and their lives.

People are more fragile, more sensitive, less resilient.  Communities are fractured.  It’s hard to feel safe and connected to other people, while social media spreads the news that mental health is the next fitness craze.

56% of adults in the United States have reported negative mental health effects from anxiety and stress over strained social relationships and reduced social support during the pandemic. (The 2022 Pandemic Anniversary Survey, conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the American Psychological Association between February 7 and 14, 2022.)

American adults also reported feeling emotionally overwhelmed and fatigued, with 87% agreeing that it “feels like there has been a constant stream of crises without a break over the last two years.”

“The number of people who say they’re significantly stressed about recent events is stunning relative to what we’ve seen since we began the survey in 2007,” said Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD, American Psychological Association chief executive officer. “Americans have been doing their best to persevere over these past two tumultuous years, but these data suggest that we’re now reaching unprecedented levels of stress that will challenge our ability to cope.”  

“We know from decades of research that healthy and supportive relationships are key to promoting resilience and building people’s mental wellness,” Evans said. “Particularly during periods of prolonged stress, it’s important that we facilitate opportunities for social connection and support.”

CalmConnect is a scientifically based, digitally streamed self-regulation program that harnesses the power of human connection to calm the nervous system and increase social connectedness and wellbeing.

This patented social engagement system works for people of all ages and abilities in just a few minutes; regulating the nervous system and changing behavior, making it easier for individuals and families to engage with the world – at work, at home, and at school.

Addressing non-pharmaceutical behavioral health management through its social engagement model, CalmConnect is an innovative program that delivers significant positive outcomes. Initially targeting behavioral issues associated with autism, the program evolved to manage classroom behavior in the education market (81% reduction in off-task behavior –Wayzata Public Schools, 2018), reduce the effects of post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury, improve mood, behavior, and sleep in the aging market, and reduce or eliminate agitation, anxiety, depression, and loneliness for people of all ages; at home, at school, and at work.

CalmConnect works well as a transition tool: Starting/ending the workday, particularly for those working in stressful environments such as healthcare, law enforcement, and schools.

The program increases teamwork and collaboration, improving outcomes when used together by groups of people.

In just a few minutes, CalmConnect can improve mood and change behavior.