Common Questions About CalmConnect

Is CalmConnect the same as MeMoves?

In 2010 we developed the precursor to CalmConnect. The program, called MeMoves, was originally created for children, but we quickly discovered that it worked for people of all ages and abilities, and the program has since evolved. CalmConnect is now being used around the world to treat those struggling with anxiety and depression, autism, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, ADHD, PTSD, and other neurological and behavioral challenges.

What is CalmConnect?

CalmConnect is a scientifically based, patented, digital mental health system that uses authentic human emotion to calm the nervous system and increase social connectedness, improving self-regulation, mood and emotional wellbeing.

Does CalmConnect only work for kids?

CalmConnect is used by people of all ages and abilities, with varying challenges to their nervous system; anxiety/depression, autism, PTSD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, social isolation, etc. The program is currently used in thousands of classrooms, institutions, and homes around the world.

How often can/should I use CalmConnect?

CalmConnect is an excellent priming activity and transition tool. Use it at the start of your day, before learning activities or tests, before stressful activities and especially at bedtime. We recommend using CalmConnect two to four times a day for several weeks as part of a routine, or anytime someone is feeling nervous or anxious.

How do I know what sequence/category to use?

All the sequences in each category are designed to center and engage the user. As you know, each person is different and may respond differently to the same sequence. One person may find that a sequence under ‘Rise’ is more calming than a sequence under “Calm.” Everyone has a different baseline. Initially we recommend trying the sequences in “Joy” and “Focus” for those with very low energy, and “Calm” and “Rest” for those with very high energy. Explore all the sequences and discover which work best for you!

When is the best time to use CalmConnect?

Most people use CalmConnect as a transitional tool and calming activity: Before a new or difficult experience, after getting home from school/work, and before bedtime.

How can I get CalmConnect?

CalmConnect is a digitally streamed, patented, mental health system, and only available at PrioHealth.com. To purchase, click here.

CalmConnect may be streamed with any digital device (laptop, iPad or tablet, iPhone or android).

How many people can use a subscription?

CalmConnect is subscription based – with one subscription per teacher/therapist or family. Each subscriber can use CalmConnect as often as they wish. We offer bulk plans for schools/organization wishing to purchase multiple subscriptions.

What is the difference between the “Home” version and the “Institutional” version of CalmConnect?

CalmConnect comes in both a “Home” and “Institutional” version. The content of both versions is exactly the same. However, the Instutional version allows students to access CalmConnect via their classroom’s distance learning portal (SeeSaw, Chalkboard, Google Classroom, etc.) using their teacher’s subscription while at home.

Can I download sequences to be used off-line?

CalmConnect may not be used off-line.

Is CalmConnect easy to use? Do I need special training?

CalmConnect is very easy to use. It requires no training or professional certification. Click here for Tips.