What Is CalmConnect?

 An Introduction to CalmConnect
In this excerpt from a pediatric mental health seminar, Roberta Scherf (one of the creators of CalmConnect) provides a brief look at the program.

CalmConnect in Classrooms, Clinics, and at Home

CalmConnect Sample Sequence

CalmConnect is not like anything else.

CalmConnect is a patented system comprised of short (2-5 minute) digital sequences designed to quickly and effectively calm the nervous system and build a bridge to the social world.

The program is used around the world in thousands of schools and therapy centers, as well as in hospitals, behavioral health centers, cognitive care centers, and homes.

Benefits include the following:

  • Immediately calms the body and mind
  • Easier transition times between activities
  • Mitigates loneliness caused by social isolation
  • Reduces agitation, anxiety, and depression
  • Increases collaborative behavior
  • Eliminates or minimizes meltdowns
  • Easier bedtimes and faster sleep
  • Recommended as a family activity; benefitting all ages (3-103)

Drawing in part from relational neuroscience, the program features people of varying ages and races; with specific music, patterns, rhythm, and movements, designed to shift viewers from ‘fight or flight’ to a calm and regulated state.

CalmConnect is not about learning a new skill or movement, but simply being engaged in the activity, which might mean rocking back and forth or remaining still to watch a sequence.

By design, there is no speech or language.

CalmConnect can be streamed digitally and includes 6 categories: rise, joy, calm, focus, clarity, and rest. Users may also create their own playlist, featuring their favorite sequences.

Daily use is recommended; one to two sequences at a time. Many people use CalmConnect several times a day; in the morning, before a learning activity or stressful situation, when feeling nervous or anxious, and before bedtime.