CalmConnect Seminars

In today’s environment, where mental health challenges (anxiety, depression, isolation, ASD, trauma, isolation, etc.) affect populations of all ages, the need for a universally effective, self-regulation program that is easy to use is more important than ever.

The CalmConnect Seminar (half-day, full-day, custom) provides therapists, specialists, administrators, healthcare professionals, and families with a foundation for understanding the factors that affect behavior, as well as strategies/tools for self-regulation – allowing users of all ages to navigate their world more effectively, whatever their unique challenges may be.

About the CalmConnect Seminars

Chris Bye and Roberta Scherf (creators of CalmConnect) will examine the program from several different perspectives, addressing its use in multiple settings with a variety of populations, and take an in-depth look at each component as they explain how it works. They will also provide supporting research and theories from various disciplines.

Using “real world” examples, research findings, videos, and testimonials from a variety of professionals, this engaging seminar encourages questions and participation from all attendees.

We typically book 3-8 months in advance, although we may be able to accommodate your group with short notice. In some cases, we are able to combine groups if locations are similar. CEU’s are also available to specific specialties.

Training sessions are usually offered in half and full day formats, but in many cases we are able to customize the presentation to your group’s unique time needs.

To schedule a seminar and learn more, contact us at [email protected]. We are excited to hear from you!