How We Got Here

   How We Got Here

More than thirty years ago, a confluence of events changed my life.

On one of the very coldest nights of the year in rural Wisconsin, when I was seven months pregnant, my husband and I went to bed and our house burned down. The fire inspectors classified it as an unsurvivable fire.

Two months later, I had a healthy baby boy, postpartum depression, and PTSD.

A few years later, I gave birth to another wonderful, amazing child, who also happened to have autism, and whose struggles with communication and anxiety coalesced with my lingering trauma and depression. We both needed help.

Repeated efforts with therapy and medication offered neither improvements nor coping mechanisms; I knew I had to find a way through this.

Years of research and experimentation led to the development of CalmConnect: a patented behavioral health program that taps into our primitive and intuitive need for safety and affiliation, calming the nervous system and increasing social connectedness.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated the significance of personal connection in maintaining emotional, mental, and physical health.

CalmConnect is currently being used in thousands of classrooms, clinics, cognitive care centers and homes all over the world for people struggling with anxiety, depression, and other challenges.

We hope CalmConnect helps you, your family, students, patients, or co-workers.

With best wishes,

Roberta Scherf