CalmConnect is a sensorimotor multimedia program that transforms the mind and body. This patented system was designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, providing the user with a quick and effective tool for self regulation.

Each CalmConnect sequence is a patented combination of music, movement and images, utilizing simple, geometric shapes. Organized into three categories:  Joy, Calm, and Focus, users select one of 13 video sequences and follow along (imitate) the actions on the screen as they are able.  It’s not about learning a new skill or doing each movement perfectly, but being engaged in the activity, which for some, might mean simply rocking back and forth.

The program’s compelling multisensory design sets up the nervous system for calm chemistry and active, alert attention, resulting in emotional regulation and behavioral change.  In addition to immediate benefits for self-regulation, the program delivers consistent outcomes observed after regular use over four to six weeks.  These include:

Increased speech and language, eye contact, imitative behavior, processing ability, motor skills, socialization and organization, and a significant increase in collaborative behavior.

Used in 5000 school districts, therapy centers, hospitals, and homes across the country (with roughly 80% of CalmConnect used in mainstream or neurotypical classrooms),

CalmConnect can be used as an early childhood program for children as young as three, although it appeals to a wide range of ages and abilities. Regardless of age or ability, using CalmConnect for just a few minutes each day decreases stress, improves mood, and enhances one’s ability to focus.